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Earn Money with This Weird but Legit Writing Jobs.

Looking for a legit home-based writing jobs used to be difficult because there are a lot of scammy jobs that pay little money. Nevertheless, there are a lot of resources that reveal those scams such as the job listing sites, home-based blogging jobs, and forums that makes the online freelancing world more secured for writers.

At the moment, the most widely available web content writing sub-categories are eBook writing, technical writing, copy writing, blogging, and proofreading. But if you want to try something different, below are some of the unsual and weird writing jobs that are legit and can be a profitable career.

The first weird but legit writing job is a fortune cookie teller. If you are a big fan of astrology, zodiac sign, giving some good vibes to the people, then this job is right for you. The writer for this job must have an impressive descriptive writing skills, since you only have to write one to two lines of fortune-telling sentences. Writers with a healthy sense of humor would surely prosper in this career. Freelancers are either paid by the hour or by project, meanwhile, writers who are hired by fortune-teller manufacturers are paid depending on their experience and skills.

The next unusual writing job is to be a writer who review products. This is a good thing for writers who want to give this a try because companies are willing to pay a big amount of cash just to help promote their products in any way. Of course the process include gaming with ecommerce sites such as Amazon through a well-written and positive reviews. In other cases, other companies would also hire a well-known blogger to give a review for their product or services and in return they would give gifts or cash. Of course, writers can take full advantage for the company’s need, in which they can turn product review writing into a high-paying work.

The next unusual but legit writing job is to be a viral or trending writer. Today, writers have this new type of lucrative job because of the ever-so-shortening of attention span of people and mainly to the rise of social media. Usually, viral writers would create clickbait headlines or titles and a share-worthy articles. When we talk about viral and trendy article, the best example would be Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed is the most popular when it comes to viral writing, and in fact today, there are also those who copy Buzzfeed’s viral article writing. In order to be successful in this career, you will need to be good in few things such as in list-type writing, be able to express you sense of humor through words, and of course be updated with everything pop culture.

If you happen to encounter writing gigs like the ones mentioned above, do not think like it is a scam and make sure to go for it.

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